Top 8 Points on the Power of Beards

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Top 8 Points on the Power of Beards

Beard Care and Reasons for Growing a Beard

Everyone has seen a beard but few have ever been worthy to own one. The power a beard can have on a person will never be realized until one can be able to grow a beard and feel the power it bestows. Beard research has led to many intensive studies from many different companies and people which concludes that the true knowledge of having a beard depends on the individuals own personal value. At Smoky Mountain Beards we cater to all types of beards and believe every beard is priceless. We know facial hair comes in all types and styles depending on the individual’s genetic and personality. In this article we go over a few different vantage points as to what type of powers a beard can present to an individual and their surroundings. Let’s get started!


Age, Aggression and Dominance

Beards and facial hair have a characteristic effect that is perceived as less socially adaptable because of the signal that the individual appears to have exemplified wisdom and embodied respect as well as appear older, wiser, dominant, aggressive and intimidating.  Other people will likely be deceived by a bearded individual partly due to the face being hidden beneath the beard makes it harder to translate facial expression. Beards take time to curate and once curated one must maintain complete confidence and the ability to be patient in terms of time management.


Clean and Healthy Beards

Beards require time and patience but the reward is great. A full beard can prevent acne, trap airborne bacteria, shade against the Sun’s UV rays and protect your face from frostbite. Cleaning the beard can take some serious work but that is why Smoky Mountain Beards has got you covered. Our beard grooming kits are essential for any bearded gentleman. Be sure to comb, wash and scrub your beard with natural cleansers and a gentle grooming technique.


Combat Ready Beards

Beards have a direct correlation to combat effectiveness leading the enemy to hesitate, and providing the bearded warriors better rates of survivability. Beards account for better weapons accuracy, faster rates of reflex and environmental preparation (better sense of cover system, preventing gun jams, hasten enemy location tracking). You can read more about the Xegis Solutions research.

Beard Protection and Insulation

Beards serve a unique purpose that naturally plays a role in protection against harmful UV rays, warmth for chilling weather, and a cushion insulation against bumps, bruises and scratches.


The Art of Manly Beards

Beards come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There would be no definitive end to the types of beards one can style their beard into. Beards are a grooming process that takes time, styling and cleaning in order to get a beard that works just right for the individual. Smoky Mountain Beard Company knows beards originate with a secret cultural lifestyle that one should take very seriously.


Beard Status

A beard is a symbolic representation that introduces a man’s strength and confidence within his own presence. One must understand a beard leads a man to understand discipline, respect and self-realization. Those who come across a bearded individual will undoubtedly feel the presence of the beard itself which responds as “don’t mess with me” or “caution the manly integrity”. One good look at the beard will likely leave someone bewildered or notice the bearded individual’s prestige status among his peers.


The Ladies

From a female’s perspective it is believed each women likes different taste in men. Women are not as focused on appearance like men are inclined to be but, women rather have interest in figuring out the mystery of the man and what really makes him tick. Personally I can’t see how a beard doesn’t provide a better advantage to the mysterious persona women adore along with the boost of confidence a beard provides, it is the perfect solution to swaying a lovely women into your life. Although, it is advised that women are likely to scare off quicker when a bearded individual approaches them. It would be up to the man to use charm and manners accordingly along with respect and admiration which quite frankly all men should have toward any women including their mother. Make sure to stay humble and maintain proper beard care.


Origins of Facial Hair

 Hair is an evolutionary feature that comes from bonds, pure elements, amino acids and proteins to form a keratin based material which pokes out the body of an organism such as one’s beard does. It is a building block of life that created your beard and from the process of evolution to modern day the beard is still one of our own unique traits that our creator has offered to us to use to our advantage.


The Beard Disadvantage

The only reasonable disadvantage of a beard is that in order for your beard to be legendary it must look the part. Don't tolerate a dirty itchy scratchy beard and make sure to stay refreshed maintaining good beard care etiquette daily to weekly. Luckily, the solution is simple when you know Smoky Mountain Beard Company offers natural quality beard care products. Live the free life of the smokies.

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