Growing a Longer Beard

December 14, 2014

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Growing a beard is easy.  You just throw those razors in the trash, and put those electric clippers in a box and store them away in a deep, dark corner of your closet.  Now it's time to just sit back and grow it.  Right?

Well... growing a longer beard can actually be difficult for some, as it is an exercise in patience.

In a perfect world, we'd wake up with the beard of Zeus overnight.  But, because of our own unique genetics, we all have different densities, growth patterns, etc.  So, let's go through the different phases of growing a beard.

  1. "Am I Worthy?" Phase - When you first start growing your beard, you'll realize quickly what kind of facial hair genetics you were blessed (or cursed) with.  This is when you will start questioning if you have what it takes to join the ranks of the Bearded Brethren.  You'll start looking at websites and photos.  You'll start reading everything you can find about beards.  You'll start asking yourself if you should keep it, or not.  This is probably the most difficult phase to go through, because you are fighting your most critical opponent - yourself.  This is where you have to get your mind right.  Read my "The Mental Side of Growing a Beard" blog entry for more on this.
  2. The Awkward Phase - So, you've made it through the battle of your mind with your beard (and sanity) still in tact.  It's relatively easy from here on out.  But, you'll still have to go through this awkward phase - where your beard is too long to be tidy, but too short to really be able to style it properly.  This is where you'll notice odd growth patterns such as one side growing faster - and sometimes, a different direction - than the other.  It might start showing signs of dryness and being brittle at this point, as well.  If you haven't already, this is where you start using beard oils & balms to condition your beard and skin.  This phase isn't as difficult as the first, so just push through it.  When you do, you'll be able to enter the...
  3. "Sit Back & Relax" Phase - It's finally reached a length that allows it to start laying down by its own weight.  You've been using your oils & balms to condition it, so it's softer than ever.  You are starting to get compliments and nods of approval from complete strangers.  All of that hard work you've put in over the last few months is finally starting to pay off.  At this point, you are now the envy of men that are still in the previous phases of beard growth.  It feels good, and you've earned it.

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