Beard soap is soap that is specifically designed to use in the beard area. It contains moisturizers and ingredients that aren't harmful. Many other products that claim they moisturize can dry you out and be harmful to your beard and the skin underneath it. There are many benefits to using beard soap over other soap, such as these 3 key benefits: 

Benefit #1: Preserves Natural Oils

Using a soap that is designed for use with your beard will help preserve your beard and skin's natural oils. These oils are crucial to keeping your beard healthy and strong. If you get rid of these oils, you run the risk of your beard hair splitting and breaking. This ends up making your beard look unappealing and like you don't take care of it. In addition, using a soap that isn't made for your beard can make it frizzy. This can lead to knotting which can end up causing you to lose hair since you must brush the knots out.

Benefit #2: Hydration

Over time, it's normal for your beard hair and the skin underneath to dry out. Using a beard soap will help ensure that your beard and skin stay hydrated. This will make it so your beard looks smooth and healthy, as well as making your skin not dry out and flake. Having flakes in your beard isn't attractive at all. Keep in mind that other soaps that say they are moisturizing usually contain chemicals that dry you out and damage your hair. In addition, having dry skin and hair can lead to other skin issues coming up, such as ingrown hairs. Not only are these conditions unsightly, but they are also very uncomfortable.

Benefit #3: Helping Skin and Preventing Itchiness

Since beard soap doesn't have a lot of chemicals, it can help keep your skin clear and healthy. This is a great thing because any type of redness, bumps, or other issues, will be able to be seen around the edges of your beard. This looks unattractive and kind of gross. Using the beard soap can help reduce the risk of these conditions happening. In addition, it will help prevent itchiness, which is one of the top complaints of people with beards. Since your skin will be healthy and clear, you won't have to worry about any pimples or rashes making you be excessively itchy. Let's face it, nobody wants to see you walking around digging at your beard, so this can help battle that. Another thing that a lot of itching can do is cause flakes of skin to get stuck in your beard. This will make you look like you have dandruff in your beard, which is another thing that isn't attractive.

As you can see, these are some great outcomes of using beard soap. You want to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your beard and skin healthy and using the best products for them. You want to make sure you aren't drying everything out and putting harmful chemicals into your skin and hair.