Protecting your skin is an essential part of health. This is especially true for guys who do not want to deal with the scourge of skin cancer. When most guys think about protecting their skin, they usually focus on their arms, legs and other parts of the body under their neck. However, men should also worry about protecting their face. The following material provides five key dermal-type reasons for having a beard and how they can reduce various issues related to your skin. 

Sun Protection
It is a proven fact that beards protect men’s faces from the harmful effects of the sun. Researchers on the continent of Australia conducted research which proved that beards are good at blocking UV light. When a guy grows a beard that is at least half an inch long, it will provide a 15 - point UPF protection rating. Thick beards that are at least 3.5 – inches will offer a 21- point UPF rating. The point is that thicker beards offer more UPF protection than stubble or having a smooth face. 

Blemish-Free Skin
At first glance, most people might believe that beards are bad on a man’s facial skin. The truth is, those people are wrong. When a man constantly shaves his face, this is what wreaks havoc on his mug. Shaving cuts up and marks the skin. You may not notice these abrasions, but if you put a guy’s face under a microscope – you would clearly see them. This is especially true for any person that cuts their face during the shaving process. Beards also keep hair follicles open. When a guy shaves, he often clogs up many of the hair follicles on his face. This in turn can irritate the skin and cause some follicles to remain close. Pimples, bumps, and even infections can occur. Folliculitis barbae is an extreme example of how guys skin can become damaged by shaving. If a man wants blemish-free skin, he should grow out his beard. 

More Masculinity
Beards are a masculine trait. When a guy wears a beard, his masculinity comes shining through. How can being more masculine protect your facial skin? Well, let’s figure out the answer to that question together. Beards can reduce the effects of aging. Sporting a beard can help a person to look younger. This is possible because it protects their face from sunshine. Remember that the UV light from the sun causes the skin to breakdown. One of the reasons why people grow older has to do with the sun. Over the years, the sun plays a vital role with destroying our skin and causing wrinkles. Beards slow down this process. Masculine beards also reduce allergens and asthma related producers. They also could keep a guy’s skin warm during the cold months. Dudes with thick beard will not have to wear a scarf when they go outside in cold weather. Their hairy faces will lock in the warmth. Ultimately, a masculine beard provides more protection to the male dermis. 

Trapped Allergens
Earlier in this article we briefly explained how beards can work to reduce allergens. Now, we’ll take a deeper look at this process. Many allergens and bacteria float around through the air. When a guy has a smooth face these allergens quickly enter their mouth, nose and eyes when they breath or while they are going about their business. Having a beard plays a huge role with stopping foreign particles from harming a person. The reason why is that a beard captures these particles. Once they are trapped inside of a person’s beard, they can’t easily make their way into a guy’s orifices. This in turn will help to reduce allergies and asthma flair ups. Guys who have these conditions should seriously consider growing a beard. It has been medically proven to help to reduce these processes. 

As a Man, you should seriously consider growing a beard for your skin's sake. Having a beard only makes sense and it will help you to look more masculine and keep your face intact. Beards are also useful for making your skin smooth, supple and without issues. Ultimately, growing a beard will help to improve a man’s health and his appearance.