One question that I get a lot is, "What's the difference between Beard Balms, Waxes, and Butters?"  And, it is understandably confusing.  Even more frustrating is how some companies just use one of the terms generically.

So... what is the answer?  Well, the short answer is - the difference is in the ingredients.  So, let's elaborate a little.

We'll cover wax first, as it is pretty straight forward.  A Wax is just that... wax.  It may have some essential oils added to it for consistency and maybe some scent.  But all in all, it is wax and its purpose is to hold your mustache/beard in place.  It may be beeswax, lanolin, carnuba, or a combination of them.

Balms and Butters are very similar in their make up, and in their purpose.  Both are there to condition your beard hairs and your skin.  They have ingredients such as Shea or Cocoa Butters, essential oils, and sometimes a bit of wax (for consistency, mainly).  By definition, a balm is "a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin."  So, a "beard butter" is still a "balm".  The difference from company to company is the ratios of butters to waxes.  And simply put, the more wax, the harder it is, the more butter, the softer it is.

We feel we have found the perfect ratio of wax to butter, and it makes for a perfect consistency, and offers a bit of hold for those crazy hairs.  It's easy to apply, and doesn't "build up" after using it often.  The combination of butter, wax, and oils makes your beard softer than a cuddly puppy... in a totally manly sense, of course. *ahem*...

Anyway, get a tin of it today.  Start giving your beard what it needs, and get the results you want.