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Everything You Need to Know About the Proper Care of Your Beard


Everything You Need to Know About the Proper Care of Your Beard

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Growing a Beard is easy. Growing a Healthy Beard takes a little bit of effort. Beards can be dry, itchy, and feel like a Brillo pad without proper Beard Care. That's where Beard Care comes in.

Author: Nate F. - Oct. 10, 2018 - Time to Read: 5 min

You've probably seen a lot of information about Beard Care Products, but... what do you do with them?  How do they help you?  What exactly do you need for your beard?  It can be confusing...

Don't worry. You've just found a quick, easy guide to put you on the road to a Happier, Healthier Beard that you can be Confident in.

So, let's get to it... it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Using a Beard Wash or Bar Soap

all natural beard wash

You only want good stuff for your beard, right?  That should include the type of wash or bar soap that you are using.  When you wash your beard, you want to make sure that you are using a product that doesn't contain the harsh detergents.  That's those things you can't pronounce from the label on the stuff from your local grocery store. 

bad ingredients for your beard

Those nasty things strip your skin and hair's natural oils, leaving your beard to feel like the Sahara desert.  Throw those in the trash.  Get rid of them.  They're doing more harm than good.

Get yourself a Wash or Bar Soap that is made with all-natural ingredients for your Beard.  Now, keep in mind that even some of those ingredients are hard to pronounce.  You just want to avoid anything that contains the words "Sulphate", "Sulphide", or "Paraben".

Now that you've got yourself a wash or bar soap that doesn't suck, let's talk about how often you're washing your beard.  Listen, I'm not going to tell you to stop washing your beard every day.  But, I will say this... washing it every day - even with an all-natural soap - isn't good for your beard.  It really doesn't need it.  We recommend washing 2x a week, and just rinsing on the other days.  Luke warm water, guys.  Hot water isn't good for it either.

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Step 2: Using Beard Oils and Balms/Butters

applying beard oil

By now, you've probably already known about Beard Oils and Beard Balms (or Butters).  You may even have a favorite.

Regardless, using Beard Oil is pretty straight forward.  We recommend your beard to be damp (towel dry).  Always start with a small amount - a couple of drops.  Especially if you have a short beard, you don't need a lot here.  If you feel like your beard is still to dry, increase the amount you use or you can even use it twice a day.  If your beard is too oily, decrease.

Rub your hands together, and then work the oil into your beard.  Get down to your face... this stuff works wonders on your skin.  As a matter of fact, after applying oil to my beard I usually just rub any residue on to the rest of my face.  My skin looks pretty damn healthy, too.

We recommend that you brush or comb your beard after applying your beard oil.  It not only makes your beard look groomed, but it helps to pull the beard oil all along the hairs for a more even application.

But what about Beard Balms and Beard Butters?  Let me see if I can clear that up for you too.  Whether you use it with a Beard Oil, or use it by itself, a Balm is great for a deep conditioning, and often gives you a bit of styling hold too.  

all natural beard balms

First, let's cover what a "balm" or "butter" is.  A balm/butter usually contains the same ingredients as a Beard Oil, with beeswax and butters (shea, cocoa, etc.) added.  This gives it a solid consistency.  How solid they are is dependent on the amount of wax or butters used.  More wax = harder.  More butter(s) = softer.  Whichever is listed first in the ingredients is the highest content.  The harder ones will give you some styling hold, while the softer ones will be more for conditioning.

How do you use Beard Balm?  Like the Beard Oils, you want to start small and work your way up to the proper amount for you.  Scoop (or scrape) out about a pea-sized amount to start.  Rub your hands together until it is fully melted.  Then use it just like an oil... working it into your damp (towel dry) beard, down to your face.  Again, use a brush or a comb to get an even distribution of the oil all through your beard hair.

If you use an oil and a balm together, or separately, you should use them daily.

all natural beard oils balms guaranteed

Step 3: Grooming & Styling

beard grooming brush comb

When it comes to grooming your beard, you don't want to go cheap here.  That plastic comb you bought at your local convenience store isn't gonna be good to your beard... like, at all.  It has rough edges that snag and tear, damaging your beard and making it look shaggy.

Earlier, we talked about using a brush or a comb to get an even application of the oils.  By far, the best tool for this job is a Boar Bristle Brush.  These brushes are made with either real boar hair, or synthetic (usually nylon) bristles, or a combination of the two.  The natural bristle brushes are best, as the texture of the bristle pulls the oils better.

When it comes to combs, you want a smooth operator.  No snags or pulls.  No static.  Kent (UK) makes - in my opinion - the best plastic combs for use in your beard.  They are saw cut and polished, not molded and stamped like that gas station comb.  They glide through your beard, and leave the hairs neatly in place.

close up of comb teeth

Nicely made wooden combs are also great with your beard.  You just have to check the quality of them, as some can be pretty rough.  If you get a good wooden beard comb though, you'll love the results.  And using a piece of a tree to groom your beard is pretty frickin' manly.

For styling products, if a balm doesn't have the hold that you're looking for, you can always use a pomade or a styling paste.  Just make sure that you know what you're putting in your beard.  There's some great water based, all natural ingredient styling products on the market.


  • Wash your beard 2x a week, using an all-natural wash or bar soap.  Rinse on other days.  Try not to use hot water.
  • Condition your beard using all natural beard oils, balms/butters
  • Groom your beard with quality brushes and combs that are designed to glide through your beard, not snag and pull at it.

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