Years ago, growing out a beard was simple, one would just stop shaving. Where your beard would end, whether at the chin, neck, or somewhere after your chest hair began, was not much of a concern. Today, however, things have changed regarding a men’s facial hair regimes. For professional and societal reasons, beards involve grooming.

Step #1: The first thing to do is keep your beard washed and even conditioned. Here at Smoky Mountain Beard Co., there are many products we carry to do just that.

Step #2: Wait until the beard totally dries so that you can brush it against the grain. This is so the hairs stand out. It aids in highlighting hair length inconsistencies as well as helping in the trimming process. 

Step #3: Use clippers to trim to your ideal length. It's advised to use a bigger guard at first to prevent accidentally cutting the beard hair shorter than desired. If you prefer a measurement that’s not too long, an even length all around will do. However, if you’re looking for a beard style that has more shape, aim a longer guard round the chin area and a shorter one at the cheeks and temples. For example, something like a 4 on the cheeks and temples and a 5 or 6 around the chin. To trim the mustache, you can run a smaller guard over your upper lip, but your nose might get in the way of anything considerably longer. 

Step #4: This deals with trimming the mustache. The mustache is sometimes more difficult to trim with the clippers, so the next best choice, using a steady hand of course, is to comb the mustache hairs downward over the upper lip and use the clippers to trim anything that covers the upper lip. If you don't have a firm grip and your hand isn’t able to be steady, use mustache scissors instead.

Final Step: Trimming the neckline. This can be easily ruined if the beard is trimmed in the wrong place. Stopping too near the jawbone will give the look of a double chin. Let it wander too far down your neck, however, and you'll resemble a savage beast. The safest way of trimming is just above the Adam's Apple. From there, to create a well-groomed beard with the look of a clean neck, take two fingers and place them above your Adam's apple, then go to the point that sits atop your fingers. At this point, form an imaginary line from behind each ear; the lines will curve down creating a "U" shape. Shave all the hair below this area and you will have a well-defined beard and clean neck line.

A beard can be a very attractive asset if it doesn’t take away from the rest of a man’s face.