summertime beards

Once the weather gets hot, countless bearded men become tempted to shave their beards in order to beat the heat. However, before you grab that razor, it's important to keep in mind that beards tend to grow more quickly during the warm summer months. Therefore, if you've spent all year trying to grow a full, bushy beard, the summer weather will speed up the process.

To many, the idea that beards can grow more quickly in the summertime sounds like an old wives tale. However, researchers have actually been able to prove that this does happen. The reason why has to do with hormone levels. 

According to one study, testosterone levels increase during the summer months. This is mostly due to the fact that the skin is exposed to more sunlight during the months of summer. Vitamin D is absorbed into the body through sun exposure. 

When testosterone levels increase, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels increase as well. You may have heard of DHT because of its direct effect on male pattern baldness. In fact, there are many supplements on the market today that claim to raise DHT levels. However, vitamin D exposure can raise these levels naturally, meaning that if you suffer from poor hair growth, you can simply bask in the sunlight rather than rely solely on supplements. 

DHT has a direct influence on the rate at which your beard grows. That's the simple answer as to why your beard grows more quickly during the summertime. It goes without saying that in theory, the more time you spend soaking in the sunlight, the faster your beard will grow. 

This research also proves that beards grow more slowly during the cold winter months. This is because sun exposure is at a minimum. 

Of course, rocking a full beard when the weather is hot comes with a variety of annoyances. If you find that the skin underneath your beard is itchy and uncomfortable during the months of summer, it's because of the amount of sweat that you're producing. Luckily, there are various beard products that can reduce skin irritation while taming frizz and making your beard feel as soft as can be.

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As you can see, beards really do grow faster in the summer. Therefore, if you're trying to grow a beard that's full and thick, it's worth ditching the razor.