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Grow Your Beard Out Like a Weed - Part 2

Not so long ago it was not popular to have a beard. Wearing facial hair was a sign of rebellion, or maybe you were declaring allegiance to the counterculture. It was an easy way to tell the world that you were a hippie. On the other hand, the clean shaved man was the nice guy, a law-abiding, responsible person.

How times change. Growing a beard is somehow becoming popular again. Although we seldom see prominent politicians or business executives sporting beards the fad is sticking particularly among millennial generation. The estimate is that 10% of men have beards these days. Although a small minority, the “beard gang” is growing by the day.

Growing a beard is a challenge. That is one of the reasons why, so few men ever bother to cultivate one. It is easier to perform the daily shaving ritual than it is to invest the time needed to grow out a healthy beard properly. Today men are putting down the razor and opting for the more time intensive grooming routine.

The path to full bearded self-satisfaction requires patience, consistency, and a vision of what the beard will look like at the end of the process. Genetics will influence the fullness of one's beard. However, unless a man suffers from hypogonadism (low testosterone), he will usually can grow a beard. It may be full or scraggly depending upon the sensitivity of the hair follicles (from which the beard will rise) to the level of testosterone in the individual's body.

If everything is working, what’s needed is time. It typically takes about 90 days to grow a beard. The longer it can continue without cutting, the longer and fuller it will eventually become. 

Where many guys lose their beards is within those first few weeks. As the beard starts to grow and the face begins to feel itchy the impulse to shave overpowers them. A way to overcome this is by keeping a photo journal. Seeing daily progress is a great motivator even when one’s face is begging for a shave.

Besides keeping a journal, you should be exfoliating your face a least once a week. Removing dead skin cells makes room for the hair that will form the fullness of your beard in the coming weeks. You can purchase an exfoliant at your local drug store. If you do not find an exfoliant, you like, you can also use a conditioning cream. You should also invest in beard oil or beard balm to keep the beard looking shiny and healthy.

A beard brush and comb will also come in handy. While your beard remains short, groom it with a beard comb. A beard comb is just a wide tooth comb. Although you can buy one labeled explicitly for beard care, any wide tooth comb should work fine.

As your beard begins to fill out, you should start grooming it with a beard brush. While grooming your beard either with a comb or a brush you should always comb in a downward motion toward the floor. That will give your beard a well maintained unidirectional appearance.

Diet is also essential for healthy hair. Eat high protein foods, drink lots of water, take daily vitamin supplements, fish oil and biotin from the start of your journey. These are the steps to growing your beard like a weed. If you can adhere to them, welcome to the gang.

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