Growing a majestic beard isn’t easy. Growing a majestic, curly beard is even harder. This is because curly hair is harder to tame and simple things like combing through it can be nearly impossible. Nevertheless, some of the most notable beards known to men have been curly which indicates that there are many ways to approach the issue. 

It’s More Common Than Not
A strange fact is that most men have beards that are formed from curly hair. Finding a straight-hair beard is very rare as everyone tends to have at least some curly hair on their face. Therefore, the first thing that one must do is give it a chance. Shaving every time this beard starts showing minimum signs of curliness will have no results.

Throw Away That Fine-Tooth Comb
Even those who may have a perfectly straight beard will rarely get much accomplished with a very narrow-tooth comb. This is because the thickness of the beard makes it hard to get through without pulling and hair ripping. In extreme cases, this pulling can even cause patchy areas as one will reduce the hair density on some parts of their face. A good alternative is a detangling brush whose teeth are more spaced out. This is a great way to get around those areas where a traditional comb would be stuck. Next, when dealing with a tangled beard, which is often the case with curly hair, water might be one's best friend. When moisturized, the beard becomes easier to shape, split, part, and organize in any way desired. It will also make it easier to brush or comb the hair without plucking half of it off in the process. 

Beard Oil, Moisturizers, Shampoos
Beard products tend to be overlooked by newcomers to this endeavor. This is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make. Beard oil, for example, contains many essential vitamins that will keep the skin of the face moisturized as well as straighten the hair for a while. Even though there is no product to turn curly hair into straight hair, one can use any of the aforementioned, to make it easier to brush at any given point. This method will also reduce the pain as combing dry, tangled hair can be very uncomfortable. 

Patience is a Virtue
Often, people with curly hair do not have the necessary dedication to see their beard in its full glory. The problem with this is that they never witness their beard straighten on its own. After reaching a certain length, the beard will eventually minimize its curls since one has been combing, brushing, and detangling it for months. Correcting the way the hair is shaped every day for a longer period of time will affect the direction of growth. 

Beard should not be cut often, but it must be trimmed regularly. Trimming takes away a lot less hair than cutting and it is necessary to maintain a healthy-looking facial hair. Failing to trim one's curly beard will cause split ends, ingrown hair, and more issues. 

A curly beard isn't a recipe for disaster. People who allow time to see the full potential of this hair type often reap great results. This process will require consistent maintenance in form of daily brushing and product application, but those can become effortless habits as time goes.