So, you want to grow a beard.  But not just any beard.  You want a healthy, great-looking beard.  Here are 5 tips to growing a healthy beard that you can be proud of.

Step 1: Eat Healthy

Think of your body like a car.  If you put crappy gas in it, you're gonna get crappy performance out of it.  The same principle applies.  If you're eating crappy, sugary, processed "food" all of the time, your body isn't going to perform optimally... and than includes beard growth.

Step 2: Drink Water

We've all heard it... drink 8 cups of water a day.  While the amount needed by an individual varies, the need for water is big.  You should try to drink as much as you can throughout the day.  Hydration is key to health.  If you're dehydrated, your beard is gonna suffer and be like a tumbleweed in the desert.

Step 3: Good Sleep

You need to be getting 6 to 8 hours of good, restful sleep every day.  Put the phone down, turn the TV off, and read a book before bedtime.  This lets your brain shut down and realize that it's time to rest.  If you're tired all of the time, talk to your doctor... you may have a sleep disorder you didn't know you had.

Step 4: Exercise

Lift heavy things.  Studies have shown that exercise - especially weight lifting - gives you a testosterone boost, and helps maintain healthier testosterone levels.  And "T" is the magic juice for a better beard.  And, exercising makes you look better when you're naked.  Which brings us too...

Step 5: Sex

Lots and lots of sex.  Sexy, sex.  In every room of the house.  In the car.  In your neighbor's garden... Sorry, I got carried away there... don't do it in your neighbor's garden, or anywhere else that you'll get in trouble for doing it.  But, seriously... sex is a testosterone booster as well.  And, hey... IT'S SEX!

Step 6: Beard Care

Whether you want to use a Beard Oil or a Beard Balm... or both... daily usage of these products will keep your beard soft, healthy, and itch free.  You wouldn't grow a nice lawn, and then just let it go without properly caring for it.  So, don't do that with your beard.  Your beard is one of the first things people notice about you, so make that first impression count.  Make sure you're keeping it trimmed nice, and brushed and combed properly as well.

So, there you have it!  Some great tips on growing a healthy, better beard.