Beard Jewelry Anyone?

October 05, 2016

Beard Jewelry Anyone?

beard care, beard grooming kitsGQ recently published some pictures of the latest in men’s fashion. I mean, that’s what they do, right? Set trends in men’s fashion? All trendsetters have their hits and misses. The latest trend? Beard jewelry.

Is beard jewelry really a thing? Debatable. If you look at tweet and other social media responses, the response to this trend is a resounding, “Nope”. But, there are some things about putting jewelry in your beard that makes sense.

First, when you look at all the places on the human body that can sport jewelry, most places have become sort of “ho-hum”. Sure, we can sport a certain number of rings, bracelets, ear rings, nose rings and other rings, but when do you ever see a man wearing anything in his hair?

Sure, you have the ever-present man buns walking around. Some guys can pull it off. Many more just think they can. Nearly all look like they’d rather punch you than talk about it though. But, you can easily make a case that beard jewelry was the next logical step. We’re not saying this trend is going to stick mind you, but we see where it came from.

What’s Beard Jewelry Anyway?

Imagine if you will, you’re walking down the street and you see a man with a lengthy beard. He’s well groomed, but you notice something shiny reflecting off his beard. As you come closer, you see a small skull in the middle of his beard. You pass by wondering, “Was that a charm? An earring? What was that?” Well, it’s beard jewelry!

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