Beard maintenance is often neglected amongst men even though it plays a vital role in the health, growth and upkeep of a fine-looking beard. Beard oil can help resolve many of the issues that you might be facing with your beard.

The Simple Life Beard Oil is unscented and has a base of Jojoba oil. This is important because it won’t cause you to have an oily face or acne issues like some of the other oils out there. This beard oil will hydrate and moisturize your beard hair and the sensitive skin underneath. By keeping your skin well-hydrated, your beard has a better opportunity to grow faster while eliminating any itchiness during the growth stages. Simple Life oil will also help keep your beard soft and manageable when combing or styling.

Once or twice a day, place a small amount onto your hands. Try starting with about 6 drops, about the size of a dime. You may have to use more oil if you have a robust or long beard. Rub your hands together and gently massage the oil into your beard, ensuring to go all the way to the skin, so it can get properly hydrated.

Smoky Mountain Beard Co. fulfills your beard oil needs by shipping beard oil directly to your doorstep. We offer a no-fuss guarantee, letting you get your money back or replace your oil with a brand new one, no questions asked. Unlike the other beard oil companies, we have an easy dispensing cap and a full 2 fluid ounce bottle. The cap is important because it will allow you more control, getting this precious oil into your hand, and not all over your counter tops.

The ideal beard will be slightly shiny, thick, and well-hydrated. By using Smoky Mountain Beard Simple Life Beard Oil, your beard can stay at its best. Using beard oil daily will change your scruffy beard into a well-groomed masterpiece. So, go on and show-off your beard with pride.