For professional and societal reasons, beards involve grooming.

Years ago, growing out a beard was simple, one would just stop shaving. Where your beard would end, whether at the chin, neck, or somewhere after your chest hair began, was not much of a concern. Today, however, things have changed regarding a men’s facial hair regimes. For professional and...

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It looks like you're getting ready to grow your beard.  It's why you're reading this, right?  That's awesome!  Welcome to an amazing community of bearded men from all walks of life.  You've made the commitment, so let's get down to it! We'll be starting with really basic stuff, but it's...

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Follow these 5 simple steps for growing and maintaining a glorious mutton chop beard.

The mutton chop style of facial hair is perhaps one of the most folkloric amongst men. For ages, men have worn mutton chops, although the exact definition of the mutton chop style has remained relatively fluid. In short, mutton chops are a style of beard where the mustache joins with...

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