It looks like you're getting ready to grow your beard.  It's why you're reading this, right?  That's awesome!  Welcome to an amazing community of bearded men from all walks of life.  You've made the commitment, so let's get down to it! We'll be starting with really basic stuff, but it's...

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Let’s discuss some different beard styles, and some of the considerations one should have when choosing to become the newest member of the world of the bearded.

Beards are more popular than ever and show absolutely no signs of slowing down. Not only are they more socially acceptable than ever, with employers and potential partners much more open to beards, they are starting to become an important and indispensable part of men’s fashion. However, there is far...

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A strange fact is that most men have beards that are formed from curly hair. Finding a straight-hair beard is very rare as everyone tends to have at least some curly hair on their face.

Growing a majestic beard isn’t easy. Growing a majestic, curly beard is even harder. This is because curly hair is harder to tame and simple things like combing through it can be nearly impossible. Nevertheless, some of the most notable beards known to men have been curly which indicates that...

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