Regardless of age, men of varying ages will find over the course of their lives that their full, bushy beards turn gray, or are scattered with strands of gray hair throughout. Many prefer the salt and pepper fashion for their facial bush, and others have no choice in the matter. There are men who go to great lengths to rid themselves of these locks by shaving or dying the hair on their face and then there are the men that wear it proud Although we attribute that graying strands to old age, gray hair is also attributed to a long life, to being wise, and even Santa has white hair!

There are some of the factors that plays into it. 

First and foremost, beard hair grows faster than the rest of the hair on a man’s body. The hair is shaven more frequently as well and due to its quick growth, it causes a quicker depletion in the hair follicles versus the hair on the head or other places on the body. Although it is funny to tell children or significant other that the stress they have caused is what is generating the gray hairs, stress has not been researched enough to be proven it attributes to graying. Although research done on bleaching claims that reducing stress and a healthier diet will improve the pigmentation of strands not yet produced, it has not been proven that men who are not affected by bleaching can blame their grays on stress and diet failures alone. Although medical physicians will advise a man trying to rid or prevent the grays to avoid stress and switch to a healthier diet,

Typically, the first factor investigated will be genetics. Diet and lifestyle are also not significant in the factor of graying hair, however depending on the person, each can have a small impact. The main cause of grays is going to be linked to genetics or bleaching of the facial hair. Genetics play the biggest factor on gray hair, and it is the easiest way to determine why a man has gone gray. Typically, if a grandfather or father has gone gray early in life, the coming generation is more than likely going to go gray early in life. It means that man has a gene responsible for producing less melanin at some stage of their life, thus, producing gray hair growth.

For instance, bleaching. No, not the kind out of a packet a hairdresser may apply for those bleach blonde locks, the naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide in a man's body is shown in certain individuals to produce excess, causing all the pigmentation to be wiped out completely. Causing the same effect as a bleached beard or graying facial hair. Science has yet to determine why exactly this occurs, especially so early on in life for some men. Therefore, research is being done to determine if lessening stress or if changing a diet will improve the pigmentation of a man suffering from bleaching. Not to be confused with a gentleman who suffers from gray hair due to genetics, stress-reduction and diet changes will not change the genetics one was born with. It has been shown to help select few who suffer from the elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide that causes their pigmentation to fade.

We must discuss the cycles of hair growth to understand this fully, Hair growth comes in cycle throughout one's life, the anagen cycle, one that occurs for averagely 3-5 years is where one's hair is growing the most. Typically, this cycle will produce hair growth at one centimeter, to half an inch a month for the duration of this stage, then the follicle is shut down, stopping the growth. It remains this way, typically, for three months. When those three months are over, the next cycle called the telogen begins. The telogen cycle the follicle empties and sheds and stays that way until the anagen cycle resumes. Pigment production, which produces color, grows right along with your hair. So, when pigmentation fails to produce at the beginning of an anagen cycle, that is what causes gray hairs to grow.

The key is staying true to oneself, regardless of whether one's hair is gray or not, it should not have a detrimental effect on the way they feel. No man should be shamed for having gray hair, nor should they feel negatively about dying it to avoid the look. It is all opinion and it is important to simply appreciate themselves for who they are.