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Top 3 Springtime Beard Oils From Smoky Mountain Beard Co.

Its springtime and the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the air is fresh and breezy with all those fresh fragrances that remind us of the season. We stroke our beards and feel gratitude for making it through the harsh winter to see the beauty of spring. As we stroke our beards, though, we notice it feels rough and prickly. Then, the thought occurs that our beard needs a little tender loving care. Enter from stage right, the Smoky Mountain Beard Company to the rescue. 

Smoky Mountain Beard Company produces beard oils that condition facial hair giving it the much needed fast absorbing, skin hydrating and conditioned feeling that makes it touchable once again. Get the Spring started with a beard that feels and looks great by using our beard oils. Bear's Den, Simple Life or Mountain Creek create that touchable beard along with well conditioned skin.

Jojoba Oil is instantly absorbed by the skin, creating a protective layer around the cells locking in the moisture. Sweet Almond Oil makes skin soft and supple while its antioxidant properties stave off the signs of aging and it encourages the circulation of the blood. Grape Seed Oil prevents blocked pores and it locks moisture into beard hair and softens brittle it. Argan Oil conditions hair making it silkier, softer and shinier. 

Bear's Den beard oil smells earthy like Oakmoss, which is both a fresh and clean aroma. After you rub a dime size drop into your palms and apply to your beard massaging it all the way down to your skin, it will liven up your beard's appearance without giving it an oily look. It's quickly absorbing elements leave your beard feeling softer and itch-free.

Simple Life beard oil is odor free for the man who doesn't desire to add an aroma to his facial hair. He can achieve a well conditioned beard that looks lively and healthy. All beard oil come in a manageable bottle with an easy dispense cap.

Mountain Creek beard oil has a wonderful woodsy aroma of cedarwood and patchouli. Each ingredient is natural and only contributes to conditioning the facial skin and beard.

Smoky Mountain Beard oils can bring a subtle sheen and softness to an otherwise dull and wiry beard. The beard wearer can take pride in his appearance when he knows his facial hair is making a positive statement.  Mountain Creek, Simple Life and Bear's Den can usher the spring season in with the well conditioned, lively look of a healthy beard.

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