For those of you who are planning to keep your beards during the hot summer months ahead, a high-quality beard oil is crucial. Otherwise, your beard may dry out as the result of excessive exposure to humidity as well as dry heat.

At Smoky Mountain Beard Co, you'll find three exceptional beard oils that are ideal for the summer months. Each of the beard oils below contains only natural ingredients that nourish the facial hair and skin while providing you with an intoxicating aroma. 

Summertime Beard Oil #3: Bluegrass

A deeply nourishing product that will keep your beard hair soft and tame all summer long. A blend of cinnamon, orange and clove essential oils provides a fragrance that’s invigoratingly spicy and refreshingly citrusy. It’ll keep your beard feeling incredibly healthy no matter how hot it is outside. Plus, nourishing oils like jojoba oil and almond oil keep the skin beneath your beard free of irritation caused by excessive sweating. 

Summertime Beard Oil #2: Mountain Creek

If you're a man who likes to spend as much time outdoors as possible during the warm summer season, this one is for you. A blend of smoky cedar wood and spicy patchouli oils creates the perfect woodsy aroma. It’ll keep your facial hair smooth and free of frizz thanks to high-quality, organic oils like argon oil and sweet almond oil. Plus, these oils eliminate the chance of dry, itchy skin that results from intense heat. 

Summertime Beard Oil #1: Bear's Den

Our best-selling beard oil during the summer season thanks to its grassy, earthy aroma of oak moss essential oil. However, this beard oil does a lot more than provide your beard with an intoxicating scent. It's packed with nutrient-rich oils that keep your skin and facial hair as healthy as can be, resulting in a soft beard and skin that's free of irritation. 

Grab These Summertime Beard Oils Today!

Any of these three beard oils will keep your skin and beard as healthy and soft as possible regardless of the weather outside. Plus, they all smell amazing!