You may be wondering why we at Smoky Mountain Beard Co make such a big fuss over the ingredients that we use to make our signature formulas. The reality is that the grooming market is flooded with products that simply aren't good for your facial hair or skin. We began our company with the simple goal to make products that contain only natural ingredients that are full of nutrients to nourish your skin and beard on a deep level. 

Why Ingredients Matter

Currently, countless men are grooming their beards with products that are full of questionable ingredients. For one thing, many products that are on the market right now contain synthetic fragrances. These fragrances are often derived from petroleum, a harsh chemical that can severely irritate your skin, resulting in inflammation and hair loss. Plus, many men find that they are allergic to certain synthetic fragrances. 

Synthetic fragrances aren't the only problem. Commonly used ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate are known to dry out the hair and skin. Many of these ingredients are used because they're so cheap that they allow a company to keep manufacturing costs down, resulting in larger profits. Of course, these ingredients are used at your expense. In the long run, many commercial grooming products will leave your beard and skin dry and dull. 

At Smoky Mountain Beard Co, we take our formulas very seriously. We only use ingredients that contain nutrients that are known to boost the health of your beard and skin. Therefore, you'll be able to nourish your skin and facial hair while you practice your grooming routine each day. 

Organic Oils and Butters that Hydrate

You'll find that all our beard oils and beard balms contain a variety of organic oils and butters that are known for their hydrating properties. Many of these oils and butters boast other benefits as well. For instance, shea butter is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that can calm down irritated skin. 

Oils such as almond oil, avocado oil and apricot kernel oil moisturize your beard and face deep beneath the surface. These oils get deep into the pores and hair follicles in order to leave you glowing. 

Even our scents are organic. We only use pure, undiluted essential oils when crafting our signature fragrances. Many of these essential oils boast their own healing properties besides smelling great. For instance, cedar wood essential oil is known for its antibacterial properties, keeping your skin as clear as can be. Citrus oils like orange oil and tangerine oil contain high levels of vitamin C, a nutrient known to fight the physical signs of aging. 

Besides boosting the health of your beard and skin, all of the ingredients that we use ensure that our formulas work. Our beard balms tame unruly facial hair. Our beard oils keep your facial hair feeling softer than ever before.

At Smoky Mountain Beard Co, we strive to create formulas with only the very best, natural ingredients that we can find. As a result, your facial hair and skin will be as healthy as can be.