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Beard Jewelry Anyone?

October 05, 2016

GQ recently published some pictures of the latest in men’s fashion. I mean, that’s what they do, right? Set trends in men’s fashion? All trendsetters have their hits and misses. The latest trend? Beard jewelry. Is beard jewelry really a thing? Debatable. If you look at tweet and other social media responses, the response to this trend is a resounding, “Nope”. But, there are some things about putting jewelry in your beard that makes sense. First, when you look at all the places on the human body that can sport jewelry, most places have become sort of “ho-hum”. Sure, we can sport a certain number of rings, bracelets, ear rings, nose rings and other rings, but when do you ever...

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Top 8 Points on the Power of Beards

May 24, 2016

  Top 8 Points on the Power of Beards Beard Care and Reasons for Growing a Beard Everyone has seen a beard but few have ever been worthy to own one. The power a beard can have on a person will never be realized until one can be able to grow a beard and feel the power it bestows. Beard research has led to many intensive studies from many different companies and people which concludes that the true knowledge of having a beard depends on the individuals own personal value. At Smoky Mountain Beards we cater to all types of beards and believe every beard is priceless. We know facial hair comes in all types and styles depending on the individual’s...

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